Friday, 16 November 2007

Finally A Winner!

Had a winning night last night for a change,

Started played online and ran $50 upt $240 before leaving and going to join the fishays at Rileys

I wasnt going to go until MKD told i couldnt afford not to go!

And he was right

first double up was my JJ against an awful bluff on a 8 high board i push he calls and shows A3 doubled me upto £40

Then it was what can only be described as Car Crash Poker from then on in, i had AK bloke who was at it all night raises to £4 i re raise to £10 flop come J 4 8 hes first to act and slams all in for £70 i thought about it and thought better of calling as i could put my money in a better spot. I fold he shows me 9 3 o/s they then decide to rabbit hunt and the turn is 9 river 3, Wp u moron

Very next hand have J9 suited in SB flop comes Jh 9h 2d i bet bloke raises i push he shows Q3 hearts he hits on turn Kh wp fish

Was down to £15 so had to rebuy for another £15

Few hands later the bluffer raises £4 another raises to £8 now normally i wouldnt think twice about throwing PPs away but i was at the fishiest table i swear it smelt of cod! thats how bad these people were, looked down and had 10 10 so i decide to push pre flop everyone folds and original bluffer thinks about it and calls , raiser thinks about it and says you must have a PP but im pot commited so i call aswell,

its my 10 10 vs 9 9 vs A2, i mean A2 wtf are you hoping to hit? flop comes down K 10 4 nicely! river is a scary J now im certain there is going to come a queen on the river to help these fish the rivers dealt and its...... the 10 get in!! Quads for GB and a nice £80 to boot!

not many more hands to talk about apart from the foooool bluffer who again tried to bluff and lost his entire stack of around £100 on a board of K K 10 4 J he tried to bluff with J 2 and was called by AA

Got back home around 1am ish and booted up a table or two sat with $50 on each doubled up on both and logged off after about an hour with $300 not a bad nights work,

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