Sunday, 25 November 2007

Same old Same old

Yup now i know why i dont like mansion, just action flops all the time

had 77 raised got one caller flop 5 7 8 i check he bets i raise he pushes all in i figure surely you havent called with 6 9, so i call and he shows 8 8 turn and river dont help me.

Then i have 66 on board of 3 4 5 i bet flop he raises so i figure i got outs not many i know but thinking hes holding Ak or somthing like that i push he calls with QQ doh! miss again on turn and river.

So i decided to shut up shop and go back to what i know, Betfair, played a few hours today sat with $40 and have run that upto around $200, not a bad start playing 25c 50c

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