Saturday, 24 November 2007

Random Night / New Beginning

Not posted in a while coz i couldnt be bothered but just been proper off poker at the moment, just getting sick beat after sick beat playing online. Whcih resulted in my leaving the Badbeat Trader Programme

So went down to Rileys with a couple of the lads from work and again it was a random night, I have to say this is the worst ive played in a while, playing with hands that should have been thrown, calling with rubbish. Then i got fortunate after some tit decided to place a straddle bet in, the rest of the table including myself wasnt too sure what was kicking off, but everyone played on so i thought id teach him a lesson and just push with any 2 cards see what he did. got KJ and duley pushed, got one caller and the bloke who straddled call aswell, they turn em over original caller has 4 2 o/s other bloke has 5 6 o/s, now this wasnt a small bet by me i had pushed £15 in and was called twice!

anyways flop comes 5 6 8 turn 9 river 7 splitting the pot 3 ways. The bloke who called with 5 6 saw his arse and left the table to join another game, pmsl wtf is he doing calling with 5 6 o/s for £15 in a 25p 50p game?

I didnt have many good hands in truth only real pay off was i limp with 9 10 suited couple of callers, flop comes 10 10 Q everyone checks it to me, i bet the pot around £2ish and its instantly raised i re raise he pushes all in and call im thinking shit higher 10? QQ? nope he turns over Q 6 and misses both the turn and river

So decided im gonna go back to the site i was on while doing the Badbeat thing and see if i can beat it, i figure i can i think i played badly due to the amount of hours i HAD to play, just took all the fun out of it for me. So started back on today see how i get on

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