Tuesday, 27 November 2007

High stakes Hands

Is it me or am i missing somthing here, just been watching a few hands of $25 - $50 NL hold em and all i can say is damn these people are retarded.

Just seen a bloke push with Ah9h on board 7s 8s 9s 10h kd to be called by Jh 9d that was for a $4000 pot.

Then the next one for me was an easy laydown, flop comes 7 Q 2 guy bets pot of $125 another raises to $500 original better re pops to $2000 guy goes back over the top for remaining $768, now am i missing somthign but if a guy re raises my re raise im pretty sure he has a good hand the and top pair with 2nd kicker isnt a calling hand. the original re raiser had 7 7 giving him a set and the bloke who re popped to 2k only had K Q

Unreal just wish i had the funds to play these levels


Amatay said...

Thing is m8 the higher u play the harder it is to lay down hands because the play is sooo aggro.

Checked out HSP this wk for example. Patrick Ant raises all in with j9 on a 9 hi board and Farha calls him with King hi for a small $800k pot

BurnleyMik said...

amatay makes a good point,. The top players often 3-barrel, bluff the crap out of each other. It looks retarded to us, but it will be 5th level thinking!! LOL

btw, could you please link up my new blog.