Sunday, 3 August 2008

Its Been a while....

It seems ages since i last posted on here so thought id better check in with anyone that reads this if there are any of you left.

Been playing mainly PLO and having a good time of it been using a new site which seems like free money to me, people play so bad at PLO, had a couple of nice winning days this month 3 days running cashed for over £200+ a night profit, then had the smart idea of taking a shot at higher limits.

Usually play 25c 50c, 50c $1 and $1 $2 but yesterday decided to give $2.50 $5 a go and see what happens, well it was eventful to say the least, lost $200 pretty quickly then decided to re deposit and try again, quickly doubled up getting it on the flop with oppo drawing dead whcih is always nice!

Then this.. i was quite safe with the flop and when the turn comes down im golden, all the money goes in and i think im on for the biggest pot of my life, see for yourselves.

Then playing today i hit my first Royal Flush which is somthing ive been thinking i would never hit!

Anyways catch you all later.


1 comment:

Platonic_ said...

you got good value out of that royal fush - you re-TARD