Monday, 18 August 2008

Recent Goings On

Not played much pokes lately to be honest, as the numb nuts at BT and Sky have fcuked up my internet connection and it would take 20 days to reset everything back up and with us moving in 10 days theres not much point,

I have had some winning sessions though found an interent cafe by us and played for a couple of hours over two days and ended up +£300 which aint too bad for 4 hours work.

Played abit of live pokes last night, finished 5th in a £20 sngay out of 14 runners took a gamble with my 99 vs AJ all in pre and he spikes runner runner straight on river to half my chips i then slam with JQ suited and double up off someone else, and attempt a steal with K10 suited but called by guy who knocked me down first time, i manage to spike K on the flop but his A10 holds as he hits his A 3 outer on the river. One other hand i have to mention as this guy was going on and on and on about it all night, i have A6ss on BB and its checked to me i raise it up x3 bb get two callers, flop comes Qs 9s 6c i check hoping to check raise him but he checks behind me, turn 2s i bet half the pot he calls, river is 10h he slams with Ks Jh for the straight i insta call with the flush and hes like how can you bet out with the nuts on turn, and wouldnt shut up about it alllll night!

So moved over to the £40 cash game, quickly moved upto around £60 after a guy pushes my £3.50 raise for £10 total with KQ vs my AQ then i proceed to hit 2 sets straights a plenty and everything going, then the defining hand i get JJ in mid pos, its raised early to £6 with two callers i re raise £20 raiser calls as does first caller, flop comes 9 10 2 raiser bets £10 caller folds and i shove for rest he calls and flips KK turn is a magical J bomb and i take down a nice £100+ pot, then to the very last hand of the night, i have A4hh flop comes Ad 2h 9h i check he bets £10 i decide to see a turn and call, turn 9c i check again he must have a low Ace so we are splitting at worst here, he pushes for last £15 i insta call and he shows A7o/s and river is magical 5h get in another nice hand.

Not a bad nights work +£140,

Anyways might not get much poker in over the next couple of weeks as we are in the process of moving back over the right side of the penines, so laters all and best of luck at the tarbs


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