Sunday, 6 July 2008


I dont know where to start really, Since my last post there have been a few changes to say the least.

Finally stopped being a bum and got myself a job, funny thing is its more money for less hours than it was at my old place, always a bonus in my opinion!. Another change is still in the pipeline but hopefully will happen at the end of August now.

But the major change is in the poker i havent fancied playing much NL Holdem instead i thought i would try some PLO instead and here are a few interesting hands for you to look at.

In this one i flop top set but am cautious of the flush draw, but when no one bets the flop and it gets back to me on the turn with still no flush draw i figure i have to bet, and when he re raises its either a smaller set or flush draw so i take the gamble and im happy to see his hand.

This one was a little more tricky i flop the boat but still unsure as to what im up against, i figure quite quickly when he only calls my raise that he has the set only and no boat himself so stick em in and luckily he doesnt fill up.

This is another nice hand abit of a dodgy call pre flop by me but i know full well the guy is tilting after losing the majority of his stack the hand before and leaving himself with $30, i quickly work out im infront on the turn and dont want to let him suck out on the river so make him pay big and its pays off for me

I like this hand from the day before, i think maybe my raise scares off the other guy in the pot but i figure if he calls 10 he will call 20 shame but luckily the other guy slams em for me and hes drawing dead which is always nice!

Also im still waiting to hear back from Platonic the little girl who i have challanged to a game at any stakes at any time but he seems to be ducking me i wonder why that is.....? Scared me thinks!

Anyways always nice to turn $80 to $500 shame every day aint like this huh?


Anonymous said...

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Platonic_ said...

to scared? you know where i am gay billingham, (the 10p20p tables on will hill) so come on there and PLAY ME THIS TIME, instead of WATCHING ME FOR 2 hours