Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Check Your Old Accounts

Ive heard plenty of people " finding " money they had forgot was there, but it had never happend to me.

Well anyways i re activated my Betfair account and found $20 there not too sure where it had come from but decided to give it a go, and just slammed the whole lot on a 25c 50c 6 seater cash game.

Had a few interesting hands see what you think here. not really sure about my play here but i couldnt work out what hand he could have that would be strong enough to re raise me pre and also contain an 8 and if he did have an 8 or flopped the full house why he would bet so much on the flop, my only true worries were KK and AA and was relieved when he didnt show either! This is against the same guy not two mins later i think its actually his first hand after rebuying his chips from the first time, on major tilt by the looks of this pre flop call but always nice when they dont suck out! This one mega confused me, i couldnt work out what the hell he had with the two flat calls, it surely had to be a monster ie KK or K9 or a busted floosh draw i dont like the way he flat calls every bet i make, but when he doesnt raise any street that rules out KK because i know he aint that good, K9 is possible but again i dont think hes good enough to slow play to this extent, when he bets on the river i have to call and im glad i dont re shove just a suckout i guess, wp donk!

Anyways good luck all and i will see you all after i return from my holiday to Agia Napa with the lads on Sunday, Remember check your old accounts it pays to!


Kirby the German Roofer said...

fuck me, you are a thick fucking cunt aint ya sunny jim!! platonic blog is a total piss take, the guy plays nl£20 on hills, and the regular lads there made up a blog takin the piss out of him, n theres you havin a serious fuckin conversation with the cunt!! lol wat a fuckin dumb retuuuurd u are!! fair play u got no chance in life mate, why dont u jus lay down in some traffic like a good little boy. wat a plonker, wat a plonker!!

Gaz Billingham said...


I will tell u this once son and once only watch your mouth before it gets you into some serious trouble!

Platonic_ said...

man your a fuking spacer. no brm. you coulda just withdrew the $50 and actually had a meal or 2 this week you drop out piece of shit.

and ive already told you if you want to find me i spend a vast majority of my days at the 10p/20p tables on crypto that i CRUSH.

Ill see (stack) you there you fucking JOKE.

Platonic_ said...

i said i crush them not smash them up. big difirence you retARD

Kirby the German Roofer said...

u dont seem to realise, the germans thrive off pressure and trouble. so needle dick im still waiting. ur lucky im sat behind my keyboard, otherwise id giv u a right good kick in the cunt you mouthy little pigtrot.

Anonymous said...
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Platonic_ said...

Kirby what you on about?

This is the REAL PLAT!!