Friday, 6 June 2008

All Change Please....

Sorry for the lack of updates all but just been mega busy at the mo, so much going on and so much about to happen i hope!

First thing to happen was i finally left work, i had to do it before i went mad to be honest. There are some top lads and lasses there you know who you are, but then there are some who i wouldnt give the steam off my pi$$ to, i guess its much the same as anywhere but on the whole top bunch of people

Just figures that things wouldnt run as smoothly as id hoped, was meant to start a job on Monday but it now seems that aint gonna start til i come back from the stag do in Agia Napa next week. So all being well i will have a new job to come back to.

Also some of you may or not know but me and the missus are looking at moving back over to Yorkshire, hopefully that all goes through in a couple of months moving back home for the time being and then from there who knows.

And to top it off my grandad was rushed into hospital last week having taken a fall outside and smashing his face up quite bad, so returned home to see him, first words from him typical grandad " what you bought me flowers for im not dead yet you know!" "thy buys women flowers lad not blokes, when i die thy can buy me all the flowers tha wants you daft bugger"

So with it being a poker blog i suppose i best talk about some pokes....

Well played abit when i went home fired up abit of PLO 50c $1 and the standard was awful turned $20 into $200 two days in row and in the process ran my £30 into £300, Also went to Rileys for the King of Clubs tourney £10 freeze out blinds started to bite so slammed with KQ sutied and was called by 6 7 o/s flop comes 6 7 8 turn gives me the floosh draw but miss on river and im out, headed over to the cash tables and turned £20 into £70 in no time.

Came back home and from running like god i ran like crap and dropped about £150 from the £300 so cashed out the £150, i will see if i can dig a few HH`s out later on, it was mainly me running like a donkey as far as i can remember playing poor hands and playing too high i think.

Just fired up a game today see how i get on from there hopefully win myself some spending money for my holiday!

Laters all and gl at the tables.



Jason said...

Good Luck on your new Job and sorry to hear about ur granddads fall. I'm just starting to write about my poker life.

Platonic_ said...

"dropped about £150 from the £300 so cashed out the £150" WTF WTF WTF
good bank roll management

Kirby the German Roofer said...

lol sad little cuntling, 6foot under u say? well wen u ready mr mclean, step to the keyboard!! you knooooooooooooooooows it!!! your aids cleared up yet? mwah xxx

EvertonYorkie said...

Hey Platonic I just read the 4,4 hand history on you blog! You are now officially my hero, keep up the good work.

And Kirby after seeing you blog you have the biggest nob I have ever seen! Tell me what your secret is?


Hope your job goes well and all Gaz. Keep at the poker, you know you can do it.

Platonic_ said...

what drugs are you on?

i bet you pla sit and gos as well as your bum boy

EvertonYorkie said...

No. MTT player.

But if I did play sngs I would be a winning player. Can't say the same for others can we plat. eh?