Tuesday, 25 September 2007


Some of you may not know but there is a massive tourny going on in Surrendalink Towers, with the early lead been taken by Mike "The River" Dennan, Today saw a turn in fortunes for this future Wpt champion as he was early short stacked, and limped out in 4th.

Other happenings on this day were somewhat underhand, as yours truly forgot his dinner, had to nip to the shop by the time i returned the cards had been dealt and i was subsequently told i had folded QQ against a raise with 10 10. Very Shady!

Other retirements saw Paul knocked out first, with Dennan not far behind, a some what questionable call knocked Dangerous Dan out in 3rd, leaving Myself and SC HU. After a few pushes the chips moved back and forth, most notably my 77 vs Q10 him spiking a Q, but joy was soon to follow as when pushing with 6 4 he was called by AJ and managed to salvage a 6 on the flop with Mr Craig not improving.

The result was inevitable with Craig`s A8 against a weak 64 suited winning out.

This result does however open the table up again as you can see from the next post

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