Sunday, 30 September 2007

Finally A Change in Fortunes?

Played a few hands Saturday night been mainly playing 25c 50c PLO on Betfair.

Built up a nice stack to around $100 after sitting down with $25 took a couple of hits for a few medium pots but then a few players left the table and everything seemed to change, i was flopping FHs, Sets and flushes, didnt realise at the time but it was 5am by the time i went to bed logged off with $240, or so i thought i saw a space on a table abit higher with players i had seen before that i knew werent very good, then this hand played out.

Sat down with $50

Had As Ks 5h 6h playing 50c $1 PLO a couple of raises 4 callers to the flop, 2s 3s 4h, i check my straight and nut flush draw, it goes bet, raise ,re raise and gets back to me, i push there and then as does first bet and raiser and re raiser 4 players all in, one has straight same as me, two others have poor flush draws and thats it, i thought these people were crap but not this crap, i was praying for a spade to quadruple up but nope one never showed, think it came 8d Kclubs.

So was a nice split anyways which wasnt too bad, so with that i finally logged off for the night around 6am.

Played a little today got sucked out on a couple of times put me on a little tilt, had to reload once playing 25c 50c PLO theres a bet and a raise i had K10s KAd i call, Flop comes Q J 8 rainbow, goes bet raise so i instantly slam all in bad play i know on nothing but a draw but im on tilt at this point, he types in chat box he has JJJ so he calls, turn comes Ah and river 2s timely double up, Nice to get some luck going my way for once!

Decided to call it a night, will start out again tommorow when my rake back comes in and will start the $10 - $1000 although it will be more like $80 - $1000


smoothplease said...

hi mate,i'm glad to see you can get shafted live as well as on line!! makes me feel a bit better after getting raped on Laddies a few times! I'm suprised you didnt lay the villian out as well!! if you fancy a link up,let me know gl geez.

smoothplease said...

idiot spaz i am!!! this shd be a comment on your Rileys blog!!!