Tuesday, 25 September 2007

First Stage on Hold

Well didnt see that one coming, had an awful night at the tables everything that could go wrong did, draws, had higher pocket pairs beaten by lower pairs, was an awful night, was playing some tool heads up, he raises $3 to my BB i look down at KK so i instantly slam all in he calls in an instant i think sh$t AA but he turns over 33 i think awsome so far infront only for the retard to hit one of the only two 3 left in the deck on the river for $100 pot,

So i reload and double back up off him straight my AK vs his A2 i mean ive seen some awful retarded fish in my time but this guy was a pure joke he really was, he would be with nothing and check the nuts everytime, i mean Stevie Wonder would play better poker than this chump.

So anyways back to the poker, played a few more hands got my balance back upto somewhere near where it was, and as we have stuff to buy and pay for this month i took the unheard of step of cashing out all my money so i cashed off £150, not quite the $1000 but its still an improvement on the initial $20 i put on Betfair.

So will probably try this again at some other point this month but for the minute its been put on hold.


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