Monday, 24 September 2007

2nd Night. Very Eventful

Well where do i start?, a very eventful night to say the least, started out one of the sickest to be fair.

Playing omaha 25c 50c, had KKQA bet the pot, flopped top set on K 2 8 board again bet the pot, one heart on the board, turn comes 4h i also have Kh Qh in my hand, so again i bet pot pot is around $50 now, with one caller all the way, he decides to push on the turn with A668 had Ah 6h and hits 3h hits on river, now this was bad enough but at the same time i flopped top two pair playing Hold em on my other table only to get called by 22 all in for $40 for him to spike a 2 on the river.

Now thats bad enough but a few hands later the very same omaha hand happens again i hit top set and 2nd nut flush only for him to push on flop with A high flush draw and again hits it on river.

So again reload very next hand decide to see just bet no matter what came, had AAJK bet the pot someone raises another pushes all in i decide to call so does other, turns they both had the same hands and are both looking for heart draws, KQ102 i think.. anyways needless to say my luck changed and managed to triple up and win a $120ish dollar pot.

So not a bad end to an eventful night!

Current Balance is $315.71

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