Sunday, 23 September 2007

First Post

Heres my first post on here, not too sure if its gonna be any good or just a load of crap but thought id give it a go.

Deposited $10 the other day and played a few hundered hands, had a nice run for a change, built my stack up to $50.

Was watching the tv saturday morning and the racing was on, so thought id have a tenner on Franky he romped home at 4 = 1 nice profit,

Played few more hands saturday night and got upto $180 before a sick fish calls with a sick outer vs AA and hits on the river i think it was 3 4 off with a board of 10 5 9 he bets i raise all in and he types hes miles behind in the chat box, i thought he was lying but turns out he was miles behind turn comes 3 river comes 4 and knocked me back down to $100.

Played a few hands today been playing mainly omaha and was again building a decent stack when someone again hits a sick outer, flop top 2 straight and flush draw, guy bets i raise he calls, turn gives him two pair he bets i raise he goes all in i call, and he trips up on the river talk about so many cards, he must have had under 10 outs if that!.

Ah well after some abuse i moved tables and played abit higher 25c 50c bad bankroll management i know first hand i hit nuts and double up to $50, a few more hands go by and feeling good had A1098 double suited, flop comes A 10 2 i bet he raises i think well i have top two and flush draw so i call all in he turns over AA and no help for me anywhere else.

playing a few more hands as i write this and have managed to double up a few times off a loose player currently playing with $150 on 25c 50c.


Current Balance = $243

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