Sunday, 8 February 2009

January Roundup and happenings....

January might aswell start with the poker first of all as i wasnt around very much and couldnt put many hours in due to various reasons i only managed to show a profit or around £250, as i say not playing very often was the only reason i can remember as i dont recall any bad beats.

The reason behind the lack of hours was the busy schedule, im back at work full time now and not getting home til well after 7pm most nights, and setting off at 7am, aswell as working most saturdays, The only reason i do this much is at the mo i need the money after not having a job for so long the funds are drying up which is never good.

Couple with that the 3 weekends out of 4 we were away in Jan didnt really help either, Had the missus`s aunts birthday down in Birmingham which was a good laugh, fancy dress had to go as Elvis who else.

Next up was my old dears wedding, another good laugh and proper pi$$ up never lol so much throughout the night,

Then the final one was a weekend away in Cardiff for an evening with Ricky Hatton and Frank Bruno, got VIP tickets to go have a drink and a few photos with them before hand which was a top laugh Bruno is still a legend and Hatton doesnt need to worry about his future as when the boxing finishes no reason why he cant go into stand up he is a right laff!

So was a pretty eventful month to say the least, only sour point was hearing that my nan and grandad had bit knocked down crossing the road into town, with my nan smashing the windscreen with her arm and grandad suffering a punctured lung, luckily though they seem to be on the mend which is always good, so fingers crossed!.

Cant wait for pay day then i can start logging some proper hours and some proper profit!