Thursday, 6 December 2007

$50 Rebuy Jew Bag Shite Mansion

Was playing in the Mansion $50 rebuy for a mate who couldnt play so i played instead.

Things started off awesome had AA vs KK all in pre flop and they held for once! the guy re buys twice, we are both upto 5k in chips

Few hands later, QQ, early raise to 100 i re raise to 400 two callers, flop 7 4 4 i figure neither have a 4 so i slam, didnt put them on over pairs as they would have re raised me pre flop. One guy folds other calls showing 5 5, i was like WTF!!! until the turn comes 8 and the river 6 wp moron runner runner fucking straight,

Now i know why i left the shit bag site Mansion its so so sick on there


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BurnleyMik said...

With you all the way mate. i hate Mansion!

Hope it all picks up for you mate.